Installation and Configuration Guide - Wizards

  • Verify your Setup

Verify your Setup

There are some steps that you can perform to check that your installation has been successful.
1.  Open the Wizard spreadsheet.
2.  Click on the ‘About’ icon on the Product ribbon.
3.  Click on the Instance […] button to open the Configuration Form.
4.  The following form will appear.  Select the instance (with your cursor) that you want to verify as shown below:
5.  Diagnostics can be performed as follows:
There are the following diagnostic buttons available:
Oracle Servlet Test:  Click this button to test the basic webserver connectivity and that your URL is correct. This should work whether the More4apps servlet is installed or not.
More4apps Servlet Test: Click this button to test that the More4apps Servlet was installed.
(Release 12 Only)
Diagnose XML Generation Utility:  Click this button to test access to the M4APS_XML package.
(Release 11i Only)
You will only get this message successfully AFTER the install.sql script has been run. 
If you have any questions regarding the installation steps, contact us via our website.